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Vetrap Bandaging Tape

Vetrap Bandaging Tape


For over 40 years, horse owners have counted on 3M VetRap Equine Bandaging Tape to patch up ponies. This versatile, high-performance bandaging tape sticks to itself without sticking to hair, so it won’t irritate your pet or pull their hair. With a wide array of applications, horse owners and veterinarians commonly use this handy bandage for support and compression or to secure bandages and catheters. Made with lightweight, breathable materials, this wound dressing is the perfect medical supply to keep handy for first aid and emergency care.


Ordering and pickup hours are between 9:00am and 5:30pm, Monday-Friday. Any order placed after 5:30pm will be processed and ready for pickup the next business day.

  • Engineered to stick to itself without the use of pins or tape without adhering to hair or fur.
  • Help sprained and broken limbs heal by immobilizing them for splints and casts.
  • Provide support for sprains and strains while preventing your pet from exacerbating their wounds.
  • Bandages are designed to maintain even compression over time—perfect for improving recovery time.
  • Lightweight, breathable material makes this an ideal wound dressing to have on hand at all times.

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