Our Story

In 1959, James Deal worked as a knitter at a local hosiery mill. Due to declining sales and production, he decided to exit the textile industry. On May 1st, 1960, he entered into agriculture by working for a mobile milling company doing on the farm custom grinding in a five county area.  Opportunity presented itself for him to purchase the portable mill in 1962 and on May 1st, he began conducting business as James Deal Mobile Milling. From then on, James Deal committed to providing quality feed service with honesty and integrity.

Deal-Rite Feeds


It soon became difficult to meet the individual product demand through the mobile milling service. In 1980, James Deal Mobile Milling became Deal-Rite Feeds Inc. In 1986, a permanent facility was established on highway 90. In 1991, his son Ronald Deal and daughter Diane Deal, became co-owners of Deal-Rite Feeds. Deal-Rite Feeds began expanding to new locations.  In 2017 we added another location in Union Grove, N.C. (formerly Union Grove Feed Mill). With this purchase we are able to fill all your feed needs from a mixed grain to pelleted feeds.  

Deal-Rite Feeds

Producing Your Product 

Today, we are still creating a quality feed with honor and integrity. We strive to put our customers first and fulfill all of our customer’s needs. Whether we are producing tonnage for the dairy farmer, bag feed for the chicken farmer, and dog feed for the dogs in the backyard, our company is dedicated to finding the right product to fit your need. Stop by one of our two locations or give us a call to let us know how we can help you! 

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Union Grove

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