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Quest Equine Gel Horse Wormer

Quest Equine Gel Horse Wormer

Quest Equine Gel Horse Wormer (Moxidectin)is specially formulated palatable dewormer gel for horses and ponies. The drug Moxidectin is distinctly different from other paste wormers. Effective in the treatment of large and small strongyles, encysted cyathostomes, ascarids, pin worms, hair worms, large mouth stomach worms and bots. Treats up to an 1500 lb. horse. For horses and ponies 6 months of age or older. Safe for pregnant mares.


Ordering and pickup hours are between 9:00am and 5:30pm, Monday-Friday. Any order placed after 5:30pm will be processed and ready for pickup the next business day.

One administration of the recommended dose rate of QUEST (moxidectin) 2% Equine Oral Gel also suppresses strongyle egg production through 84 days. QUEST is indicated for use in horses and ponies, including breeding mares and stallions, and foals six months of age and older.

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