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The priceless ingredient in every product is the honor and integrity of the person who makes it. 
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Founded in 1962 by James Deal, Deal-Rite Feeds has been a family business grounded on quality, integrity, and faith. Selling a range of products such as tonnage for the dairy farmer, bag feed for the chicken farmer, and dog feed for the dogs in the backyard,  our company is dedicated to finding the right product to fit your need. Check out our full product list or visit each of our locations to find out why we are the "Best Deal in Feeds!"

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All You Need for Your Animals to Succeed!

Livestock owners know, that to have peak production, you must have quality ingredients in your feed. All of our stock feeds are fixed formulas to provide consistency each time you purchase feed. We custom blend rations of one ton or more (pellets require three ton minimum) to meet your specifications. Peak production, whether milk, eggs, or meat thrive on Deal-Rite Feeds. 

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