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Weekly Commodity Price List
Please call the sales manager for prices and delivery options of bulk feed and bag feed.

Nicholas Magallanes - Sales Manager
office - 704-873-8646 ext. 18
email - nick@deal-ritefeeds.com
cell - 704-929-9468 (call or text)

47% SBM

41% CSM

Wheat Midd Pellets

Wheat Middlings (Loose)

Whole Cottonseed

Cottonseed Hulls

Corn Gluten Feed

Corn Gluten Pellets


Ground Corn

Citrus Pulp

Soyhull Pellets

15% Beef Maintenance Pellets

Custom Dairy

Custom Beef

Custom Horse

Custom Pig

Custom Poultry (including Game Bird)

Custom Goat

Custom Sheep
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